His Ever Perfect Will...

Greetings in Jesus' name!

I'm from the outskirts of Madurai in Tamil Nadu, India. Born in a traditional Christian family yet without a true knowledge of Jesus Christ, I was talented and passionate about music, literature and painting from a very young age.

My dream and ambition since childhood was to accomplish in the Indian Film Industry and to be a prominent person. I graduated in Cinematography from the Film Institute of Technology, Chennai and had the privilege of getting acquainted with quite a few acclaimed film actors, screenwriters and directors and worked with them. During my 11 years of employment at Doordarshan TV Channel, I had the opportunity to mingle and interact with people from all walks of life. Despite such exposure, I had an 'emptiness' within me; everything around me seemed meaningless and full of vanity.

My wife Nija had been meticulously praying for my salvation from the time we got married. At the age of 39, on 15th June 2002, I submitted myself to the Lord and confessed all my sins. God was gracious and forgave my shortcomings and immediately baptized me with His Spirit. At that moment I realized that Jesus is the treasure I had been yearning for and ever since His word has been my daily bread. He has edified and enlightened me in such a powerful way that I continually feel His presence strengthening me to spread His Gospel.

Whatever things were gain to me, I now consider as loss and worthless for Christ.

All Glory and Honour be unto the King of Kings.